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Pro-Res install a range of products for the Food & Beverage industry, for the following applications.

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Food & Beverage Production

Products in this section are resistant to high temperatures, chemicals & oil and are slip resistant

Altro Ltd – Altrocrete PU Excel

Production area completeda 5-9mm textured floor made for heavy duty areas of potential spillage and increased temperature range (-40°C to +120°C at 8mm+).

Altro Crete PU Excel HF Data Sheet (pdf, 83kb)

RPM Belgium

Monopur Industry Mortar – Monopur® Industry Mortar is a predosed 3-component hybrid polyurethane concrete. Thickness: between 6 and 9 mm

BR MPUR Industry_GB (pdf, 806kb)

TDS MPUR Industry Mortar_GB (pdf, 129kb)

Resin Surfaces Ltd – Resuthane RS69 –

A heavy duty polyurethane screed installed at 6mm-9mm thickness

Resuthane Brochure (pdf, 2.54MB)

Colour Chart – Resuthane Standard (pdf, 1.86MB)


Catering / Food & Drink Preparation

Products in this section are also resistant to temperatures, chemicals & oil (to a lesser degree) and again are slip resistant

Pro-Res / RPM Belgium – Duracon Quartz


A fast curing durable MMA resin flooring system – designed for installations where installation time is minimal

BR_Duracon_GB (pdf, 785kb)

Technical Data Sheets:
TDS DCON 101_GB Primer (pdf, 37kb)
TDS DCON 205_GB Base Resin (pdf, 36kb)
TDS DCON 305_GB Sealer (pdf, 35kb)
TDS DCON Catalyst_GB (pdf, 95kb)

SIDEC DURATOP CQF Colour Chart (pdf, 705kb)

SBS DCON BC_GB System Build Up (pdf, 111kb)

Pro-Res  / RPM Belgium – Duratop CQF

An epoxy broadcast quartz system with both industrial & decorative qualities

M12 Duratop CQF NBS Specification (pdf, 162kb)

10.1.1 Duratop CQF TECH DATA (pdf, 104kb)

SIDEC DURATOP CQF Colour Chart (pdf, 705kb)